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Click fraud service discovered to be using Google trademark and advertising on YouTube

July 29, 2014 Online security expert Brian Krebs recently discovered a scam in which a Russian hacker is not only defrauding Google AdWords customers but actually using Google’s trademark, advertising the scam in instructional YouTube videos, and corresponding with customers using Gmail accounts. The scam is a click fraud service known as GoodGoogle and its […]

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Yahoo’s share of US desktop searches falls below 10 percent

July 22, 2014 The gap is widening between Bing and Yahoo, which are the second and third most popular search engines, respectively. In comScore’s recently released data for June 2014 for desktop searches in the US, Yahoo’s share fell to 9.8 percent, which is its lowest percentage ever. The Yahoo share was expected to fall […]

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Google Mobile Results warns users when sites use Adobe Flash

July 15, 2014 As of July 15, Google is presenting warnings to mobile searchers when the results turn up a web site that uses Adobe Flash, which is a multimedia technology not supported by many mobile devices. Now when Google’s algorithms detect a site that runs using Adobe Flash and those sites turn up in […]

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Yahoo announces shutdown of user-generated content platforms

July 8, 2014 As part of a mission to “make the world’s habits more inspiring and entertaining,” Yahoo announced on July 2 that it would be eliminating two user-generated content platforms, Voices and the Contributor Network. The announcement came via Tumblr from Jay Rossiter, Senior Vice President of the Cloud Platform Group, in an article […]

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Google makes voice search easier for Android users

July 1, 2014 Google announced on June 26 that all mobile devices powered by Android will perform searches from Google’s search app or home screen with a mere “OK, Google” voice command. For instance, if you are using Google’s search app on your Android device and want to check the weather in Los Angeles, just […]

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Google releases white paper to dispel Quality Score myths

June 25, 2014 Google issued a white paper on June 24 regarding exactly what role its Quality Score variable plays in improve online advertising. The 10-page paper, entitled “Settling the (Quality) Score: Using Quality Score to Guide Optimizations,” says that Quality Score is meant to be more like “the warning lights in a car: something that […]

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