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Link Building

Website Promotion ” Link Building”

Link building! It is the answer to ending your online nightmares. Link building is the process of sharing links, or the clickable text that leads directly to your website, with other websites. These links are similar to votes in a poll. In this poll, the more votes you have the more popular you are to places like Google, and thus, the public! It is extremely profitable to be popular in Google’s book because they get roughly 65% of clicks in this search engine world. So, if you’re number 1 on Google’s search listing, you’ll get about 34% of all clicks. That is the goal, primarily, in link building along with many other steps that take place in getting your website to number one!  Now, just getting any website to link to you won’t do the trick. You need high quality websites, which are websites with high Google Page Rankings and have a good reputation. This relates to the old saying, “You are who you hangout with.” When you associate your website with other sites known for being high quality websites, your website’s reputation will reflect the same. If you associate your website with other sites containing Spam or any other form of useless information, your websites reputation will be known useless as well. So the more high quality websites you have linking to yours, the more popular and visible you become to the rest of the world. This may sound simple enough but it’s actually quite complicated and time consuming. This is the reason most people turn to SEO professionals to tackle the link building climb for them!