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SEO Software Tools

SEO Software Tools

Your one-stop shop for marketing your business is MarketBandit.com , a cloud based platform that allow for real time reporting of projects, placement, website traffic, competition SPY TOOLS AND MORE… Now all your marketing needs are combined into one centralized location. MarketBandit offers complete back-end white label SEO services provided by a team of web experts who are ready to help with all your WEBSITE PROMOTION AND SEO needs, that in turn will ultimately increase your business’s revenue.

MarketBandit is a cloud based seo platform, so there is no downloading involved. When you subscribe to MarketBandit and become a “Bandit,” you can access your account from anywhere and from any device. With all of your marketing tools right at your fingertips from any location, marketing your business has never been more convenient!

Here is just a sampling of the software tools you can access when you subscribe to MarketBandit:

Client Management System

Take the guesswork out of handling your clients’ needs and interacting with your clients – a record of what you’ve done with each client is all right there in one place and you can see it with just a click or two of the mouse.

Our Client Management System allows you to keep accurate records containing all of your clients’ information and all the actions you’ve taken with them, as well as who it was that took the action and when. If you have trouble remembering anything your business has done with a particular client, everything is right there in one spot and can be easily accessed.

Google Analytics Interaction

With Google Analytics, you have access to the most detailed statistics about how many visitors your site is getting and how they are getting there. Analytics breaks down your total site visits into unique visitors, total page views, how many pages are being viewed per visit, the average time each visitor is spending on the site, the bounce rate (how many users are visiting one page and then leaving the site), and percentage of visitors that are new to the site.

Analytics can also report how many visitors came to your site from social networks and it breaks that number down into which social network they used, what pages they are landing on from the social networks, the conversion rate (how many visitors from social networks are being “converted” into paying customers), and much more. Find out which keywords are the hottest, or which keywords users are entering into Google to get to your site, and which keywords are bringing you the most amount of traffic.

Web Site Ranking Reports

You want to know where your web site is ranking in searches, and with our web site ranking reports, you can get that information. See where your site has been ranking in searches on all the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Also, what sites are the most viewed overall on the web and how your site stacks up. You also receive information such as your page’s SEO issues, how many unread posts your site has, the “health” of your site (how many broken links you have), and much more.

Competition Analysis

One way to gain an edge is to keep close track of what your competitors are doing and see how they are ranking. This tool allows you to monitor your competition and see exactly what they’re doing and how you stack up. With MarketBandit, you not only have access to baseline reports for your own business, but you can see baseline reports for your competition as well.

Become a “Bandit” today

You can see that when you become a “Bandit” you can access the latest in marketing technology and call on the help of experts – or we have Cloud-based software that allows you to do it yourself. The list of possibilities is endless – if it’s related to marketing or managing your business, you can do it at MarketBandit. You can receive reminders of tasks to do with our calendar, manage your employees and keep track of their hours using a time clock, view your business’s orders, or receive as many leads as your business can handle to generate new business.

Go to www.marketbandit.com to subscribe – you even get a free 10-day trial subscription when you sign up! Go to MarketBandit today and start growing your business.